McCall's Crafts 5515 - American Heirloom Dolls (1991)

McCall's Crafts pattern #5515 titled "American Heirloom Dolls" makes a very simple cloth doll with no facial features or hair. Her outfit is designed to be made using vintage linens such as pillowcases, napkins, dresser scarves, etc; but any fabric can be used.

The doll is a very simple separated pancake style with stump hands, jointed at the hips and stitched across the shoulders. While she is not intended to have facial features or hair, the maker can add these as desired.

The gown has eight variations, including a button band down the bodice, optional slip and apron, yoke and vest treatments on the bodice. Some hints are given on how to take advantage of embroidery or lace edging on a piece of linen. The doll also wears sunbonnet. This pattern has quite a bit of gathering, but is otherwise fairly simple.

This doll would be a great way to display not only your vintage linens, but also a favorite piece of clothing that belonged to you or a loved one, or even a piece of a wedding gown. With a project like this, a piece of your family history could be shared and enjoyed, instead of hidden away in a box in the attic.


  1. I had this pattern but can't find it. Do you have one for sale

    1. I don't, but there are several on eBay and Etsy for sale.