Design 7143 - 9" Baseball Head Girl Doll with Wardrobe

This pattern was also issued by Alice Brooks as #7368 under the name "Best Dressed Doll." She is 9" tall and has a complete wardrobe of clothes. This pattern is not dated, but the Alice Brooks version was sold in October of 1953. The pattern for the doll is a transfer; the clothing pattern pieces are meant to be cut out.

The doll is a typical baseball head style with head and torso shaped by means of curved vertical seams. The arms and legs are made separately and attached with heavy cord. She has embroidered features; this type of construction requires the features to be embroidered after the head is stuffed. The maker is instructed to make her hair from "straw yarn" and then dampen it with water and curl on curlers "like real hair."

Her wardrobe consists of a sundress with ties at the shoulders, petticoat and panties, half apron, playsuit, long nightgown, snowsuit and cap, socks and shoes.

This pattern is just one variation of a classic style which was made in different sizes, with different outfits and hairstyles, and sold over a thirty year period. This small size makes a nice play doll, easy for a little girl to handle.

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  1. I had this pattern too. I bought it sometime between 1975 and 1982. The local newspaper used to have an ad for these old patterns. You sent in your order with a postal was about $2.50 Canadian...those were the days:)