Beanie the Clown Doll - Idaho Bean Commission -1960s?

Beanie the Clown pattern was given away free by the Idaho Bean Commission. There is no date on the pattern, but it looks to be from the 1960s.

It doesn't say what size Beanie is, but based on similar dolls I have had, he's probably about 6" tall. His torso/legs are gathered at the top to attach to his head. He has no arms, just felt mittens sewn in to the side seams of his body. His feet are felt also. An illustration of his facial features is included, but it is left to the maker to decide how to apply them. Beanie has no hair. He is stuffed with beans (of course!)

Since his body is his costume, the only other clothing pieces are his hat and the ruffle around his neck, which are sewn in place.

There were other cloth and character dolls similar to Beanie made in the mid-20th century. Their simple construction made them popular bazaar items. The exhortations to eat beans ("Let a pot of Beans be cooking while you're sewing.") make this a fun advertising collectible as well as a cute pattern.

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