McCall's 6831 - One and Only Creations Recycled Soda Bottle Dolls

This has got to be one of the strangest patterns I've ever seen. Dated 1993, the 27" doll has a torso made from an empty two liter soda bottle. Now, I'm all for recycling, but this is taking it a bit far. Cloth dolls are supposed to be cuddly!

The facial features can be either painted or embroidered. The maker is instructed to transfer the features using a "sharp pencil or "dressmaker's carbon and pencil" or Fantastic Face iron-on transfer. There are some cursory instructions for embroidering the face.

The hair is packaged synthetic doll hair, which may be hand-sewn or glued to the head. No instructions are given.

The dolls' hands are mitten style, with stitches to indicate separate fingers. The limbs are attached to the bottle by means of a button at the end of each limb, inserted into a slit cut in the bottle. You then glue over the slit to "secure" it.

Although four dolls are shown on the front of the envelope, they are all identical except for hairstyle.

The outfit consists of a dress with gathered sleeves and a button front; pantaloons and hat. There are three different styles of hats. Purchased shoes and socks complete the outfit.

While this is a pretty doll than any little girl could fall in love with, the construction seems flimsy and is unlikely to hold up to being played with.

Have you made this pattern?

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