Design 562 - 25" Girl Doll mail order pattern 1970s

Design 562 is a mail order pattern to make a 25" girl doll with one outfit. There is no date on the pattern, but an ad in the instruction sheet includes a six-digit Canadian postal code; these were introduced in the early to mid-1970s.

The doll is of fairly simple construction. Her head and torso are pancake style - one piece for the front and one for the back. After stitching it together and stuffing, the sewer is instructed to hand stitch back and forth at the neck using a running stitch, to form the doll's chin. This construction would tend to make a very floppy-headed doll, especially given the doll's large size and the knit fabric called for. The arms and legs are made separately and slip stitched to the torso. Running stitches at the elbows and wrists give the doll a little jointing. She has embroidered features and yarn hair in a simple pigtail style.

She wears a lace-trimmed dress with puffed sleeves, a pinafore, panties, hat, shoes and purchased socks.

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