Simplicity 7188 - Pair of Pilgrim dolls & fall decor

This pattern makes cute boy and girl pilgrim dolls, plus a soft sculptured pumpkin and oak leaves table centerpiece, and an oak leaf and acorn wall hanging. It is copyright 1985.

Nowhere on the envelope does it say what size the dolls are, but I would guess about 18". They are made separated pancake style, with the head, torso and legs all in one piece, and the arms with stump hands are sewn on separately. The dolls are to be made of stretch knit fabric, with embroidered features and yarn hair. They have different hair styles, but otherwise the boy and girl dolls are identical.

Their pilgrim outfits are made of solid color fabric with accessories of felt. The clothes are not made to be removable, but could be, with slight alterations. Like most craft patterns, the dolls are not meant to be played with, but a child over 3 who is gentle with them could do so.

The dolls are very simple patterns that a beginner should have no trouble with, but their clothes are a little more complex and might require some help or experience.

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